Major John Colby Michael Caine
Captain Robert Hatch Sylvester Stallone
Major Karl Von Steiner Max Von Sydow
Colonel Waldron
(The senior British officer)
Daniel Massey
Major Rose
(Head of the Intelligence committee)
Tim Pigott-Smith
Wing Commander Shurlock
(Head of the Escape committee)
Julian Curry
The Forger Clive Merrison
Pyrie Maurice Roëves
Luis Fernandez Pelé
Terry Brady Bobby Moore
Arthur Hayes John Wark
Pieter Van Beck Co Prins
Sid Harmor Mike Summerbee
Schmidt (German GK)
Laurie Sivell
Strauss* (German No 10)
Robin Turner
Carlos Rey Osvaldo Ardiles
Paul Wolchek Kazimierz Denya
Michel Fileu Paul Van Himst
Erik Borge Soren Lindsted
Doug Clure Russell Osman
Tony Lewis Kevin O'Callaghan
Baumann Werner Roth
POW Camp Kommendant George Mikell
Andre Amidou
Lutz (German SS) Arthur Brauss
Strauss (German  Senior Lieutenant) David Shawyer
Herr Lorenz (Propaganda)
Jürgen Andersen
Jean Paul Benoît Ferreux
Renee Carole Laure
Claude Jean-François Stévenin
Victor Zoltan Gera (as Folton Gera)
Gunnar Hilsson Hallvar Thoresen
Coach Mueller Gary Waldhorn
Lang Michael Wolf
*Michael Caine's Body Double Kevin Beattie
*Sylvester Stallones's Body Double Paul Cooper
Directed by John Huston
Writing Credits Evan Jones
Yabo Yablonski
Produced by Freddie Fields
Original music by Bill Conti
Cinematography by Gerry Fisher
Film Editing by Roberto Silvi
Production Design by J. Dennis Washington
Sound consultant Stephen Katz
Scoring mixer Dan Wallin
Production Company Lorimar Film Entertainment

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*Though there is an actor down for the Germans called Strauss (David Shawyer) Ive a feeling he played another character called Strauss, one of the German officers mentioned at the start on the right of the red cross doctors.  Im basing this off the commentator in the match calling Robin Turner,  Michael Strauss of Dusseldorf as the scorer of the Germans second goal (Though this is another one of those ones where the edit of the football scenes just after causes a bit of confusion. The official credits have Turner down simply as player.