Nov 17, 2010

Site Update

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Posted by: johncolby


-Added more pen pictures to the Credits page, having trouble placing a couple of the actors, had to watch an episode of Auf Weidersehn Pet just to double check I had the Germans correct (not a bad thing mind).  I have a feeling Claude is the one who sticks his head out of the swimming pool floor, and that either Georges (Jack Lenoir) or Victor (Zoltan Gera) is the old man who knows about the tunnels (I think its probably Jack Lenoir, though that does leave me with working out who Zoltan played, since he's a Hungarian actor / footballer (I think). He also appeared in Two Half Times in Hell (Which was the Hungarian movie E2V was apparantly based on) as Tanko Sandor).  If anyone knows for sure pop me a mail.